Frequently Asked Questions


What is the maximum capacity of the full space? Half the space?

The full space can hold up to 110 seated, 135 standing, half the space can hold 60 or less

Do you do custom dessert? Can we bring in outside food?

We do not do custom dessert, all outside food must come from a health inspected bakery (any store front or major chain will qualify) and there is a per person charge to cover cutting, passing, plates, napkins and silverware.

What is included in the room rental fee?

The room rentals allows you two hours in the space (additional hours available for purchase), 72 inch round tables, chairs, house linens, house centerpieces, china, flatware, glassware, setup and breakdown.

What if I don’t want BBQ?

We offer custom menus upon request, our chef is extremely talented and can customize a menu to fit any need, bring your ideas and we’ll see what he can concoct for you!

Do you offer additional menus like happy hour or breakfast?

We do have options for breakfast and can customize a happy hour/cocktail hour menu upon request and subject to availability

How soon can we reserve a date?

We take contracts up to one year to the date of a reservation.

What is required to book a date?

We take a contract and hold a credit card to reserve a date, no deposit is required, the credit card is subject to cancellation fees if cancelled within cancellation period.

How soon do I need to have final event information?

The final guest count, menu selections, bar package choice and timing for your event is due 10 business days prior to the event, at that point your guest count can go up but cannot go down.

Do you require security to host a bar?

No, our liquor licenses allows us to operate without an off duty police officer on site.

Can we bring in our own liquor?

No, our liquor license does not allow outside alcohol to be brought in, however, if the requested liquor is available in Kansas we are able to procure it for your event.

When can we tour/see the space?

Showings are scheduled by appointment only due to the nature of the business, our event coordinator offers many different options for tours, including some nights and weekends.

Is there a minimum to use the room?

There is a minimum of 20 guests in half the space and 50 guests to use the full space. If your group does not meet the minimum requirement in number of guests there is a FOOD minimum that can be met to accommodate, as with any rule exceptions can be made please contact our event coordinator for details.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan options?

We have a plated dinner available for both vegans and vegetarians. A number of the menu options are also vegetarian.

Does the buffet contain gluten?

The majority of our menu items are gluten free, there is obvious gluten in the croutons, slider buns, macaroni & cheese and desserts.

How quickly do I need to reserve the room? I have a last minute event is it even worth the phone call?

We cannot guess the popularity of a date so it is always better to call sooner rather than later. We offer reservations on a first come first serve basis. One average, dates are booked about 45-60 days in advance. On the chance that something comes up it will never hurt to give us a call, we always try to accommodate last minute reservations to the best of our ability, please note there may be some menu restrictions based on availability of food and ordering options.

How late can my group be in the space?

Due to liquor laws all patrons must vacate the space no later than 2am Monday-Saturday and 12am on Sunday.

Are we able to decorate the room or personalize it in anyway?

We do allow decorations to be brought in but you cannot tape anything to the walls and we do NOT allow confetti or glitter of any sort.